10 Things to Keep in a Storage Unit with Climate Control

Published on 5/27/2022

10 Things to Keep in a Storage Unit with Climate Control

 If you want to free up more space in your house, move out, or just need temporary storage for your belongings, storing them in a self-storage facility is a good idea. However, did you know that some goods are sensitive to temperature variations and maybe harmed if stored in a standard storage unit?

A climate-controlled storage unit is a solution. Climate-controlled storage units keep your possessions protected from the elements. While they cost a little more than traditional storage units, the many benefits you get from climate-controlled storage make them worth the added investment.

The following things must be kept in climate-controlled storage units:

Antiques can be very delicate.

  1. Wooden Antique Furniture

Allowing ancient wooden furniture to be exposed to the elements might cause structural deterioration. Humidity and temperature variations can cause the wood to distort, split, or decay. Antique wooden tables, chairs, bed frames, nightstands, and other items are included.

Consider storing them in a climate-controlled storage facility if you plan on keeping them for a long period.

  1. Leather Furnishings

Leather is extremely susceptible to humidity swings, and when stored properly, it can shrink, warp, thin down, and even get discolored and moldy.

If you live in a location where the weather fluctuates dramatically from season to season, it's critical to store your expensive leather furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit.

  1. Electronics for COnsumers

When you turn on your electronics after keeping them for a long time, even small amounts of moisture might short circuit them. Rusting can be a problem as well.

A climate-controlled storage facility can prevent moisture buildup when keeping your computer, computer parts, or other sorts of electrical equipment.

  1. Equipment for Media Storage

Moisture and severe temperature variations make DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, software, and any other sort of media storage particularly vulnerable. It's essential to have a climate-controlled storage container.

  1. Clothing

Clothing for the season might be quite costly. They can be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit for a longer amount of time, preserving their quality. This is especially true for ancestral apparel such as bridal gowns and other such items.

Make sure your garments are clean and dry before putting them away. Additional moisture protection can be provided by using plastic storage bins.

  1. Unique Collections

A climate-controlled storage container is the finest option for storing valuable treasures. Because the goal of collecting these unique things is to preserve their quality for many years, they must be kept at specific temperatures. They might be harmed by changing weather conditions.

Coin collections, stamps, comic books, toys, and other collectibles are examples of such items.

  1. Important Documentation

In a climate-controlled storage locker, business records and inventory, tax files, and other vital material should be safely stored. This keeps documents from dissolving, discoloring, fading, or rotting due to dampness. Monthly self-storage is often less expensive than replacing merchandise that has been destroyed by bad weather.

  1. Wine

Temperature swings can hasten the aging process of wine, lowering its flavor and quality. As a result, your wine may take on a metallic, oxidized flavor. You'll not only be unable to consume it, but you'll also be squandering the time and money you spent building your wine collection.

Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit for your wine bottles to prevent deterioration and encourage optimal aging.

If exposed to too much heat, your guitar strings will bend and shatter.

  1. Instruments for Music

Because a high-quality musical instrument is an expensive investment, you should store it in climate-controlled units. Otherwise, humidity and temperature variations can harm your musical instruments. Furthermore, high humidity and heat can promote corrosion and the growth of bacteria, both of which are particularly damaging to musical instruments.

  1. Supplies for Arts and Crafts

A climate-controlled storage unit with a temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of roughly 50 percent is good for your artwork. Fabric is prone to moisture, UV exposure, and dust, so storing your craft items