3 Pieces of Furniture Needed to Create Space in the Living Room

Published on 3/22/2021

Living rooms should be a place to entertain, relax, and come together. It’s harder to do that when you have too much furniture for the space. The key to creating space within your living room is to pick out 3 key pieces of furniture to help make your space more functional.

Round Ottoman or Coffee Table

Circular furniture adds the illusion of more space while also giving a better flow of traffic to your living room. Consider a piece of furniture that has a shelf or open area below the surface to take advantage of extra storage. Ottomans that open up are great for storing blankets and pillows inside while open coffee tables have perfect space for baskets with books or magazines for reading. 

Arm Chairs

The goal is to maximize your living room space. A couch is great for offering multiple seats, but many times you need a bit more room for people to sit. When investing in arm chairs, go for pieces that have small or tight arms. This still allows people to have an armrest, yet takes out the excessive space used up by large rolled/padded arms. 

Nesting Tables

An ideal investment for the living room is nesting tables. This allows you as the host to bring out the tables for games or food when entertaining and also nest them back together when company isn’t over. 

What are some key pieces of furniture you have in your living room to help create more functional space?