6 Tips to Store your Statues in a Storage Unit

Published on 4/29/2022

Antique and fine art statues are the most crucial prize possession any art collector would have. They value it because of the history, beauty, and the effort of the artist and visions when creating the piece.

When storing them, you need to be aware of the precautions to keep them in top condition and not incur any damage during the storage. Here are some tips to help you store statues and preserve their pristine beauty.

  1. Have a climate-controlled storage

When you store any valuable art or figures, you should always have climate-controlled storage that can help protect it from harsh weather conditions. Heat and humidity are the number one enemy of your fine art, paintings, statues, or wood pieces. It is essential to get not too cold or too hot storage.

  1. Ensure safety

Expensive statues and fine art are items you won’t want to leave unattended for long periods. Never keep these valuable items in a storage unit that is not safely secured with video surveillance, good lighting, and additional security measures to keep them from being stolen. Make sure that your valuables are safe.

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  1. Clean them before storing

For almost every item you store in a storage unit, you’ll need to make sure that it is clean. Ensure that there’s no dust or any wet items, as it may cause it to be damaged and grow mold and mildew. When cleaning, never use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions on fine and delicate art pieces.

  1. Preparation with Protection

Before putting your fine art and statues into the storage unit, you should take the proper care and attention to carefully guard these items with breathable and protective coverings such as cotton, brown paper, or felt.

Ensure every corner is adequately supported with cardboard, and support is given to the statue if needed. Covering your figures will make sure that no pests or bugs can come in contact with them and will keep them clean and dirt-free for when you uncover them in the future.

  1. Make some Space and Barriers

Don’t store any statue or art in a cramped space. Allow them to breathe and have freedom. And make sure to have a divider between your stored art and the floor, so it doesn’t risk becoming damaged.

This, you’d need to get the right size of the unit that will house your art. Check out our sizes and contact us to know which size is perfect for you!

  1. Check items periodically

Make sure to check up on your fine art periodically to ensure that they are still as you left them. Statues, paintings, and fine art are meant to be treasured and kept on display for years to come. When dealing with these types of art, choosing climate-controlled storage that can protect your fragile or delicate items for the long term is essential.

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