Children's Bathroom Organization Tips

Published on 2/27/2021

Cleaning bathrooms alway seems to be the least desirable chore...and kid’s bathrooms are at the very bottom of the list sometimes! Toothpaste everywhere, towels on the floor, clothes strewn about, it can sure look as though a tornado has taken over. Here are 4 tips we suggest to keep your children’s bathroom clean:

Personalized Hooks

While it can be challenging to get children to hang up their bath towels, a personalized hook is proven to be much more helpful. A hook with their name, first letter, or even their favorite color, is sure to draw their attention and let them know that hook is designated for them. When kids know they have a place unique to them, they are more likely to hang up their towel. 

Bathroom Hamper

Much like towels being thrown everywhere, clothes can take up a good portion of the floor in a child’s bathroom. A hamper specific for the bathroom is a great addition to keep dirty clothes confined to one area. 

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close

Sometimes families choose to have a bathroom cleaning bin to hold all the supplies and then transport it from bathroom to bathroom. In theory, this can work great! However, it is much more effective to have a basket of cleaning supplies in the kid’s bathroom. Quick and easy cleaning!

Utilize Storage

A linen closet can double more as storage than just a place to hold towels, cabinet drawers can have dividers to utilize all the nooks and crannies, and floating shelves can be helpful to store items for older children as they’re out of reach of the little ones. 

Do you find it hard to keep your kid’s bathroom clean? Try some of these tips!