5 Tips to Organize Your Closet for More Storage

Published on 12/31/2020

The end of the year and also the end of your messy, unorganized closet? We can help you! Here are 5 tips to help you create more storage in your closet and organize it for the new year:

Rotate Hangers After Wearing Clothing

Once you pull your clean clothes out of the laundry, hang them back up with the hanger facing the other way. This is to help you wear all of the clothes in your closet, rather than pulling the same items each week. In return, it will help you better organize and know what items you rarely wear and therefore can donate/giveaway to free up closet space.

Organize by Color

Sometimes it’s easiest to color coordinate outfits so you might as well stack or hang clothing by grouping colors together. Similar to the tip above to rotate hangers, color coordinating will be a sure way to visibly see what colors take over your closet and help you purge a few pieces to even out your colors. 

Roll T-Shirts

Have you ever tried to roll your t-shirts instead of folding them and stacking them? It’s a game changer! Not only will it leave your closet with more space, but it will also leave your t-shirts with less wrinkles in them. 

Fold Sweaters, Save Hangers

Sweaters do not need to take up hanging space inside your closet. Fold them and stack them in order to save space on the rack for other items that need to be hung, like fancy clothes and long pieces. 

Utilize the Corners

If you have empty space in the corners of your closet (walk in closets) consider adding shelving units. These corner shelves can be a home to so many different items: shoes, hand bags, or even hats. Note: Depending on the square footage/layout of your closet, corner shelves may make the space seem more crammed or cluttered so use your best judgement when adding these for organizational purposes.