Quick Fall Cleaning For Your Cheriton Home

Published on 9/21/2020

Moving goes hand in hand with cleaning, either beforehand or afterwards! While moving items into your storage unit this fall, here's a list of 10 quick cleaning tasks to complete in your Cheriton home:

  • Clean the windows (even skylights)

  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs

  • Deep clean your fridge

  • Vacuum every room

  • Spot clean any stains on your carpet

  • Deep clean the shower / bathtub

  • Dust / Take care of any cobwebs up high in the ceiling (both interior and exterior)

  • Sweep out the garage

  • Fix scratches in wood (flooring or cabinets) with stain pens/markers

  • Polish hardware (faucets/cabinet pulls/etc.)

As the season changes and you're moving items around, give your home a deep clean this weekend while moving items into your new Cheriton storage unit.