Shop Your Storage Unit To Decorate

Published on 11/23/2020

Prior to spending more money on trinkets and other decor items, shop your storage unit! It’s possible to redecorate your home by repurposing what you already have. This is a major win, especially around the holiday season, as you get new style in your home and save money.

Pull Out Old Photos

Replace your current family photos with photos you have from years (or decades) ago. This is a great conversation starter for entertaining during the holidays and brings back great memories. Bonus points if you bring back photos from your parents childhood and have your children guess who’s grandma/grandpa!

Bring Back Old Furniture

Bringing back old furniture doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use it in the same way it once was used. Use a bookshelf to store dishes for more of an open-concept living space or bring in a dresser to organize children’s toys. Repurpose old furniture by getting creative and thinking outside the box.

Use Up Old Paint

Raise your hand if you also have multiple paint cans in your storage unit...let’s put those to good use. Paint your furniture, a door, or change up the color of your walls. Painting is one of the easiest ways to change the style of a room with minimal effort and without breaking the bank. If you have multiple colors, consider creating a mural in a child’s room or playroom. 

Swap With a Friend

Do you have some pieces that are in good condition but it’s not the style you’re looking for? Try swapping with a friend! This can potentially work out better than giving items away to charity because you’re able to loan them out to a friend with the goal to still be the permanent owner. Ask neighbors, friends, and family who live near you if they would want to swap pieces for a couple months!