Trending Home Decor for 2021

Published on 1/25/2021

After you've decluttered your home from the holidays, it's time to start putting each room back together. Whether you choose to shop your storage unit for items to repurpose or treat yourself to a few new pieces, here are some trending designs for 2021:

Add Greenery

Plants are a big hit this year. Indoor plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen to your home, and who doesn’t want cleaner air after 2020?! If you have pets, make sure to double check with your vet to see what plants are poisonous to your furry friends so that everyone stays safe. 

Edible Gardens

Edible gardens are extremely popular. Instead of buying all your different herbs for cooking, grow them yourself! Head to your local nursery to pick up a few seed packs or even herbs that are already grown and bring them back to your kitchen for all your cooking needs.

Recycled Furniture

Good for the environment and trendy! People are moving towards a more eco-friendly home and one way to give back to the environment is to buy recycled products, even furniture.


Self-adhesive wallpaper is a huge design trend this year. No, we’re not talking about those outdated 70s floral patterns that took over the entire room. We’re talking about adding wallpaper to your closet to spice things up or to adding wallpaper above the chair rail in your dining room. The best part about this trendy wallpaper is that it is easy to put on and take off of the walls. 

Did you have any of these items in your Cheriton Storage Unit?