Where to store your collection of toys and figures

Published on 6/24/2022

Where to store your collection of toys and figures

There is a massive fan base all across the world thanks to the success of properties like Marvel, Star Wars, and anime. To attract these potential customers, toy companies are stepping up their efforts.

However, the market is now oversaturated as a result of this constant increase in production. Some collectors struggle to find storage space due to the large volume of items available. 

Proper storage is essential to maintain the integrity and value of your collection of figures, whether you do it for personal enjoyment or for selling.

Keep your figurines away from these things while selecting a storage location: 

Direct Sunlight - Direct sunlight will fade the figure's color and dry out the plastic, making it more brittle.

High Humidity - Exposing objects to high moisture content will cause decay and rust. 

Extreme Heat - Extreme heat can tamper with the appearance and color of your valuables. They will become fragile and break more easily in really cold temperatures. Temperatures that change quickly might also be harmful.

To prepare for storage, here’s what you can do:

Make use of sealable bags - Reserve this form of storage for your cheapest and least expensive loose figures because resealable bags alone provide only modest protection. Items should be placed in resealable bags before being stored in boxes to prevent rubbing damage.

Put them in plastic containers - Similar to food containers, plastic boxes are inexpensive but sturdy and offer sufficient protection for your action figures and dolls. Just keep in mind to add an additional degree of security by wrapping the items in bubble wrap or putting them in resealable bags before shipping. For "mint in the box" (MIB) collectibles, use larger boxes. Avoid cardboard boxes at all costs since they draw pests and offer little moisture protection. 

Get labels ready - Items in storage are simple to lose track of. To make it simpler and more convenient to find a specific figure, label your boxes.

You may provide a happy home for your dolls and toys in: 

Cases for display - Anyone looking to showcase their collection and have quick access for upkeep and cleaning should consider display cases. The strength and durability of acrylic display cabinets offer significant protection from harm. Placing a case somewhere away from direct sunlight is advised due to the transparency of the glass.

Cabinets and closets- The best place to store your collection is in a closet or cupboard if you have enough room in your home, in order to: 

- avoiding being exposed to UV radiation - maintain constant humidity and temperature levels - Ensure frequent cleaning is accessible

Self-Storage Facilities 

It might be challenging to store collectibles for collectors who have families. Some people may decide to sell some of their collection to free up some room. The solution is to hire a storage facility if that isn't an option. 

The sizes of self-storage units vary. To protect your most precious assets and your investment, choose a location with excellent security. If you don't reside in a region with a year-round temperature of 32°C or greater, be sure the facility has enough heating and cooling.

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