Win the fight against humidity

Published on 7/22/2022

The rainy summer months are upon us! And as nice as that rain feels to us when it’s hot out, your storage unit isn’t as big of a fan. Humidity and moisture breed bacteria and mildew: some of the biggest threats to the items in your unit.  Here are a few tips for keeping your storage unit mold free:

Make sure things are completely dry before putting them away.

 Damp rags, clothing, or dishes will surely attract mold and bacteria. Even if it’s just one item, that can then attract bacteria that spreads to your other belongings. To be safe, wash any items a few days before hand. Dry them with a towel and allow them to air dry for multiple days.

If possible, move your things into your unit on a dry day as opposed to a rainy one. If you must move in on a rainy day, try using a tarp or a garbage bag to keep any boxes dry while you move them.

Create a DIY dehumidifier.

The same way baking soda absorbs scents in your fridge, you can use certain items to absorb moisture in your storage unit.

Charcoal briquettes in a bucket, and open box of kitty litter, or silica gel in a pouch can all be viable options for reducing humidity in your unit. Keep in mind that these would have to be changed out every 30-60 days, so it might not be the best solution for long term storage.  

Use plastic

Cardboard and paper are two of the most common victims of mildew and old. Try using plastic or metal containers instead of cardboard boxes. Plastic and metal will keep the moisture out instead of absorbing it.

Similarly, wrap your mattresses and other furniture in plastic wrap, and vacuum seal your clothes in plastic bags. The best way to remove the moisture from the air is to remove the air altogether!

If you must use cardboard boxes, sit them on top of plastic containers or a wooden pallet to keep them off the ground where condensation is more likely to happen.

Leave room for airflow

When moving things into your container, be sure to leave space for airflow. When wet, hot air becomes trapped in a small space, it becomes an ideal environment for mold and bacteria. Leave at least a foot between stacks of boxes or containers when possible to leave plenty of room for air circulation.


Don’t sweat the summer months!