How to Get the Most from Your Garage

Published on 6/17/2021

Your garage is prime storage space. Whether you only have room for your vehicle and a few odds and ends or you have a larger garage, it’s extra square footage. After a while, however, clutter builds up. It’s inevitable, so no need to worry. But why not set aside some time to give the garage some TLC this summer? 

Where to begin?

  • Set aside enough time to do a thorough job. At least a whole day if not a weekend. 
  • Invite the whole family to help sort. It’ll make it go so much quicker. Put on some music. Order a pizza. Do what you need to make it enticing. 
  • Go through all of it. Even boxes you didn’t unpack your last move. You don’t want to keep lugging items you don’t need around with you. 

Step 1: Sort

  • Sort belongings into 3 categories: keep, sell or donate, and trash. Make 3 designated areas for these categories. And a good tip is if it’s broken or you haven’t used it in a year or two, most likely you won’t. Go ahead and part ways. 
  • Make trips to donate unwanted items or even plan a yard sale and set those items aside. 
  • Organize the keep pile by category. Keep sporting goods together and then seasonal décor in another spot. Pack away in cardboard boxes or clear plastic totes. 
  • Label! This one’s a must. Label all the boxes or bins with specifics like “holiday décor” or “soccer gear.” This will make finding items so much less of a task later on. 

Step 2: Plan

  • Make a plan for where everything will go back in the garage. Think about what you use most often like cleaners or yard equipment. Those should go towards the front or at least be accessible. 
  • Keep like items together as much as possible. 
  • Think about utilizing the walls and ceiling space. Can you invest in pegboards, open shelving for the walls, or a bike pulley system for the ceiling? 

Step 3: Assemble

  • Put the garage back together. Holiday décor or other hardly used seasonal items should go on the bottom of stacks or in the far back corners. Utilize open shelving on the walls or a freestanding metal shelving unit for totes, gardening equipment and other often-used items. Put everything back with labels facing out to make it easier to find things later on.

If there’s too much overflow, feel free to contact us at Cheriton Storage today to discuss storage options!