Simple Storage Solutions for Your Home in Virginia

Published on 1/21/2022

Simple Storage Solutions for Your Home in Virginia

If you’re feeling cooped up during another winter with a lingering pandemic, you are not alone. While you’re spending more time indoors over the next couple months, you might start to notice the house could use some organization. We’ve got you covered here with some great storage solutions to help curb the mess.

Contain the Mess

Right off the bat you want to work to contain the mess around your home. One great tip for this is to corral all the random clutter in your home and see what you’re working with. Place like items together. For example, make a pile with all the loose kids’ toys. Another pile can be paperwork or office supplies. And maybe there’s another pile for bathroom overflow or cleaning supplies. Next either put items back where they belong or organize them in their own storage bin, box, or caddy. Store cleaning supplies neatly in bins or caddies and hide them away in a closet, under a sink or in a pantry. 

Pro Tip: hang brooms and mops on the back of a closet or pantry door to keep in place.

Go vertical

To maximize the storage space in your home, think vertical as well. This can be especially important if you live in a smaller space. Hang hooks for keys and coats by the entryway. Install floating shelving and magazine holders or mail organizers directly on the wall. This cuts down on clutter on your desk or kitchen table as you can throw paperwork, mail, and magazines right in their designated wall holder. Repurpose an old ladder to lean up against a wall in the bathroom for towel storage or out in the living area for blanket storage and display. You can hang a bike on a wall mount to get the bike up off the floor as well. Even hang pots and pans from hooks on a wall or from a ceiling mount rack to free up space in your cabinets. 

This tip also applies to the garage where utilizing the walls and ceiling as much as possible will help free up valuable floor space for your car, bikes or other necessities. Hang tools, bikes, camping gear, sporting gear and more. 

Create a home for everything

A pro tip that applies to all storage in your home, garage or even storage unit is to create a designated home for each item. This might mean investing in some drawer organizers, pantry organizers and more bins and boxes. But it’ll be worth it. Then each item or group of items can be stored in its own bin, box, drawer, slot etc. Organize all the sheets together. Keep towels on another shelf. Put all pens in their own container or slot in a drawer organizer. This way when you put something back, you know exactly where it is next time you need it. It cuts down on mess as well as frustration. If you don’t have closet space, utilize rolling carts. Put one in the bathroom for towels and lotions or use one in a home office to put bins of files or office supplies. 

Pro Tip: use this method in your storage unit to group like items in boxes or totes and label well. Now you’ll know where your winter sweaters are versus your nice china or where to look for ski gear when the time comes.  

Beautify Your Storage

This last idea has less to do with efficiency and more to do with aesthetic. But if you want to keep things organized long term, it might help to make it look nicer. And that can mean different things to different people. But one idea is to use pretty containers, jars, and bins for your storage instead of original packaging. For example, store laundry detergent in glass jars or bottles, especially if these are out in the open somewhere. Same for pantry goods. Store dry goods in large mason jars or other pretty containers. Label these too for an added touch of organization and to make cooking easier. And overall if you have bins or trays out in sight for storage (or even in drawers) invest a little in some pretty containers to help match the style of your home. 

Need a couple projects for those cold days indoors? Try out a couple of these storage solutions to keep your home organized.