Tips to Store Appliances in Self-Storage

Published on 4/1/2022

Self- Storage is an excellent way to store your household appliances. Whether you are planning to keep them for a short or long period, you must know how to properly store them to ensure that they are still in good shape when you decide to use them.

Putting appliances in self-storage might sound like a difficult task, but we promise it is quick and easy. It just needs careful preparation. Here are some tips to help you in storing your appliances.

Run a full and final cycle

Washing machines and dishwashers should have a complete cycle to clean out the particles that may be stuck on the pipes and drains. If not, it will grow mold and mildew, damaging the items. Run it using a cup of bleach or white vinegar instead of detergent.

Clean the insides

Make sure that the appliances are spotless. Scrub all the residue that might have been stuck on tiny spaces of the devices and let it dry completely. Be particular with ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, as they often contact food that can attract foul odor and pests.

Make sure to drain all the liquids.

Ensure that appliances with hoses, holding tanks, and pipes are completely dry to avoid freezing and mildew. Ensure the defrost pan found underneath the refrigerators is clean and wipe down the seal around the door for dishwashers as it holds more moisture.

Clean the exterior

It is good to have a good wipe down of the exterior before covering it. If there are crumbs or other particles on the body of the appliances, they may be scratched while moving. Most appliances would have filters or intake areas that should be cleaned before storing.

We are glad that we could help you store appliances with these tips. If you have any questions about self-storage, you can contact Cheriton Mini Storage today!