Top Ways to Winterize Your Home

Published on 11/19/2021

Top Ways to Winterize Your Home

The colder days are here. There’s frost on the ground and a chill in the air. The holidays are here as well. Before the holiday week next week, take some time to winterize your home this weekend. It’ll help protect your home from the harsh elements over the next few months, preserving its longevity. 

1. Clean out the gutters

Before snow and ice hit, clean out your gutters. This helps prevent buildup and ice dams. Clean out leaves and other debris and flush with water, either a hose or a bucket. Install gutter guards if possible.

2. Prevent frozen and burst pipes

With the frigid cold, there’s a risk that pipes will freeze. You can prevent this now by insulating any pipes that need it. And then be prepared on the coldest days, to keep a small stream of water flowing out of those susceptible pipes. 

3. Check for air leaks throughout the house

You’ll want to check windows and doorways as well as HVAC units for any areas where warm air could be leaking out and cold air getting in. Seal those cracks by caulking around holes or openings and then install weather stripping around windows and doorways. 

4. Test for fire prevention

To ensure your home is protected from fires, first get the heating systems checked and serviced. It’s a good idea to do this yearly anyways. Have a professional inspect your furnace or chimney to make sure it’s in top operating shape and not a danger. Also, inspect fire alarms and extinguishers to ensure they’re in working order as well. With the colder months and the heating systems, there’s just more risk of fire. So set up all the safe guards possible.

5. Trim tree limbs

While you may think yard work is over, there are a few steps to take before winter truly sets in. Trim back any low hanging or hazardous tree branches. Ice and snow get heavy and can cause limbs to break and fall onto the house or a vehicle if you’re not careful.

6. Stay cozy

Overall, this is a great time of year to insulate and safeguard but then to achieve maximum coziness. Keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level so it doesn’t get too frosty (even if you go out of town for a few days). Sit back by a fire or cozy up with some candles and throws.