Tricks to Organize Your Closet

Published on 1/7/2022

Tricks to Organize Your Closet

When your home and personal space is disorganized, it can start to seep into your mental space as well. It always feels so good to go through and purge, organize and streamline our belongings, clearing out unnecessary cobwebs in our minds. One place this is especially true is our closets! Sometimes things can just get dumped in and forgotten. Then, before we know it, we are missing items, or forgot where we put things. Keeping the closet organized is a sure way to make us feel less disheveled. Here are some tricks to get that closet back in shape.

1. Start by going through everything

First off, take everything out and go through it all. Every last sock and even any accessories like jewelry, scarves or ties. Sort through it all. Make a pile to donate to good will. Make another pile that’s seen its last day and needs to be thrown out. And then make a keep pile for only those items you truly wear and use. 

Next, sort by season. For winter, put the tank tops or swimsuits away for now. Keep out only what you’ll be using in the next few months. This helps to cut back in your closet and clear space for better organization. Store seasonal clothes in bins under a bed, in the basement or garage or even a guest bedroom closet. 

Utilize your storage unit when needed as well. This is a great place to store seasonal items and bulky gear like camping or hiking gear (in the winter) and then snow sporting gear (in the summer). Keep it out of the house so it’s not taking up valuable space.

2. Purchase or install dividers

The second step here is to divide and conquer. Divide up your closet into smaller sections to make storing like items easier. You can install shelving to do this or invest in hanging storage solutions to organize items. Jeans all go on one shelf, tops on another, sweaters on still another. Hang wire racks or hooks for other accessories like scarves or jewelry. The goal is to have everything separated by type into their own little living space. This makes it easier to return things back to the proper space thus staying tidy and neat. 

3. Have fun with design

The last trick is to have fun! Play with the design and structure that works best for you. For example, you could color code your wardrobe. Hang like colors together and create a rainbow effect (like The Home Edit does). And when folding clothes, it’s good to stack items when on a shelf but roll or file items when in a drawer (think Marie Condo style). 

And remember there’s no correct way to organize a closet space. It’s ultimately up to you and how your brain best functions. Play around with these tricks and find what works best to help you stay organized and structured. Give us a call today to learn more about the storage units we have available as well!