3 Ways to Tidy Your Mudroom

Published on 2/26/2021

A mudroom can get a little...muddy, can’t it? While that is the intended purpose of the room so that your kitchen or living room is saved from the dirt and grime, there are some tips and tricks to keep your mudroom relatively clean. 

Invest in a Good Doormat

Prior to even stepping foot inside the mudroom, it’s important to wipe feet and shoes off. A good doormat can save your floor from small debris like freshly cut grass or harsher elements like salt from icy pathways in the winter. Heavy duty scraper mats are extremely durable and easy to clean with a hose.

Add Vertical Storage

Most mudrooms aren’t exactly large, so it’s best to utilize as much vertical space for storage as possible. Adding cabinets can help store away seasonal items such as large winter coats in the spring/summer or hold sandals during fall/winter months.

Designate a Shoe Area

Ideally, have a cubby area by the door to hold each family member’s shoes. This takes the shoes out from the middle of the room, eliminating the number one tripping hazard upon entering, as well as keeps the space more organized. 

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