3 Ways to Preserve Jewelry in Storage

Published on 2/12/2021

One item we tend to inherit is fine jewelry. What do you do with it? Whether you choose to keep it inside your home or store it away in your Cheriton Mini Storage unit, here are 3 tips to keep your jewelry looking good as new:

Separate Based Off of Metal

As there are many different types of jewelry, do you best to separate them based off of metal. Silver, fine jewelry, and costume jewelry, should never touch. If you do happen to put them together, it is possible that they could rub together and the mixing of substances can cause tarnishing and further breakdown of the metal. Put each metal in a different storage container to avoid damage.

Do Not Store in Plastic

When storing, jewelry should never be placed in plastic bags or plastic containers. This is because the plastic can cause deterioration. It is best to place jewelry in a clean, dark, dry location. A wooden box lined with felt is an ideal location for many different pieces of jewelry! The felt helps to absorb any moisture that may come in contact with the metals, and the darkness of the box will be good for jewels so they are not damaged by prolonged UV light.

Clean It First

As with anything, it’s best to clean your jewelry prior to storing it away for a period of time. Most pieces can be cleaned with some mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Place the jewelry in the mixture for a short amount of time, then use a gentle brush to scrub away any debris. Tarnish can be removed with a silver polishing cloth.

Bonus Tip: Make sure any valuable jewelry is insured! This can be done through renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance.

We hope these jewelry storage tips keep your pieces looking brand new! If you’re in the market for a mini storage unit, call us up today.