Unpacking After the Big Move

Published on 1/31/2021
After moving into a new home, it can seem intimidating to start unpacking everything. Don't fear! Cheriton Mini Storage is here to help you sort everything out.


Did this surprise you to see it listed first? While we don't mean you necessarily need to unpack the entire bathroom first, make sure each (or at least the main one) is fully stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and a towel to dry hands. This should save you or any other family members from emergency situations!


Even if you're unloading everything first thing in the morning and it's hours until bedtime, set up your room. Put sheets on the mattress and pull out your pajamas. This makes is easy on you to get ready for bed later after unpacking items all day. Who has time (or energy) to search for bed sheets or pjs? Your sleepy self will thank you.

Kitchen Essentials

Aside from unpacking any fridge/freezer items (which should be your ACTUAL first step!!), it's time to start putting the kitchen together. Plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, etc., will always be necessary. Other items to unpack as soon as possible for the kitchen would be snack items or quick meals. This makes prepping lunch or dinner easier for you when you don't have to go searching through boxes. These items also take up quite a bit of space for packing purposes, so getting these boxes empty quickly helps to bring order back into the space. Pro tip: PB&J sandwiches are quick, easy, and a fairly mess-free option for moving days.

Ultimately, give yourself some grace. Rome wasn't built in a day and your home most likely won't be unpacked in one either. Set a time limit for yourself in each space and move along to the next room as the timer goes off. This helps ensure you're not getting overwhelmed with all the minor details upfront and helping get those boxes unpacked!

Do you have any special unpacking tips? Shoot us a message!