4 Design Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Published on 7/16/2021

4 Design Tips to Help Sell Your Home

When selling your home, there’s always the question: how much do I put into staging? How much money? How much time and effort? Does it really matter what the design aesthetic is? Won’t buyers just look past all that to the “good bones” of the home?

The answer is that it actually does matter quite a bit how you present your home to potential buyers. It’s hard for buyers to overlook certain design faux pas, clutter, or mess when trying to envision themselves calling this space home. 

But we’ve got you covered with a few design tips to help you sell your home in no time.

1. Fresh flowers brighten and warm up the home.

A bouquet of gorgeous and fragrant fresh flowers goes such a long way. Yes, this addition is not even part of the house itself. Yet, this simple touch lets buyers know the home is cared for. It also adds a special freshness and glow to the home that will stay in buyers’ minds. 

2. Mirrors add light and the illusion of more space. 

Mirrors tend to brighten a space and can even make a room feel more spacious. As the light coming in reflects off the mirror, it literally adds natural light to dark corners. This in turn helps the space feel bright and fresh. But it also adds to the illusion of a larger. So, if you’re dealing with a small room or a dimly lit area, add a mirror or two. 

3. New towels are worth the extra splurge. 

It’s worth the money to splurge and buy a fresh set of towels for the bathroom. This touch adds a feeling of luxury and freshness to any bathroom. Lay them out for cute and chic display on the bath or a towel rack. 

4. The right lighting creates and inviting atmosphere.

One great design trick for staging a home to sell is to find the right lighting. What you don’t want is bright fluorescents or harsh overhead lighting. Get out your lamps to cast soft and warm tones over the rooms. Place lamps strategically for optimum lighting. For example, use taller floor lamps in corners, and table lamps to supplement where needed. 

Take into account these few design tips when preparing to sell your home. Let us know how it goes! And comment with any other tips you may have.