Get Ready for a Move with this To Do List

Published on 7/9/2021

Get Ready for a Move with this To Do List

If you’re gearing up for a summer move, congratulations! What an exciting time. You’re off to your next home, next adventure or just next thing. While you’re considering all the logistics of the move itself, we’ve got you covered with a starter To Do List. 

1. Call utility companies

First off, before it gets too close, you’ll want to call and update your utility companies. This way you won’t forget and won’t see extra charges on your accounts.

2. Decide on your budget

Sit down with all those involved in your move and decide on a good budget. How much do you want to spend on movers? Or what’s the cap for moving supplies? What about temporary storage? Add that in if it’s something you’re going with. This will not only keep you on track but will also prepare you for the overall price tag of the move.

3. Get packing supplies

It’s good practice to estimate how many boxes and other packing supplies you’ll need before you actually get to the packing stage. You’ll have so much going on that you won’t want to be running out for all the basics. Either order supplies well in advance, or pick up used boxes from liquor stores or off craigslist. 

4. Sort and purge

Moving can be a wonderful incentive to purge and really organize your belongings. Go through all the closets in your house. Anything you wouldn’t buy again or haven’t used in a year? Probably time to get rid of those items. Eat up what you can from the fridge and pantry for less perishable items to move. What do you really use regularly and what can you let go of to create more space in your new home?

5. Prepare for your change of address

This one is especially true if moving to another state. You don’t have to make these calls until after the move, but maybe just keep your list near the top of an essential box. You’ll want to include banks, subscriptions, loans, and all insurances. Then, of course, updating ID’s and car registration if you do move to another state.  Have this list ready to make your calls easier and have everything in one place. 

Take this starter list and add to it as you tackle your move. Let us at Cheriton Storage know if you need any temporary or long-term storage!