5 Tricks to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Published on 8/13/2021

5 Tricks to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Summer is starting to wind down (although no sign of the heat letting up yet). If you’ve been meaning to list your house to sell this summer, it’s not too late to take advantage of the hot seller’s market. August is a great time to sell as families are looking to buy before the new school year begins. If you want to sell and sell fast, here are some tricks to get your home in top shape before listing. 

Trick #1: Purge the closets

Many buyers go strait to look at the closet space. Not just how many, but how big is each closet? For a way to maximize the potential of your house’s closets, consider emptying each by at least half. Then tidy and beautify! This helps buyers actually see how much space there is in each. It also can help them appear larger. 

Trick #2: Increase light

Another top selling point these days is natural light. Take down drapes, clean windows, and dust blinds. For showings, open all blinds to let the natural light work its magic. You could even make a weekend project of trimming back shrubbery outside windows if it’s significantly blocking the light coming in. And if you don’t have great natural light, do the above still to maximize, but then also add in more lamps. Find stylish shades, place more lamps in corners or across from a mirror to help get the light shining fuller in your home. 

Trick #3: Hide the pets

You might love your cuddly fur ball, but strangers may not. They may be allergic or have other aversions to animals. Best to take the dog on a walk before showings or put other animals in a specific room or bathroom for the duration. But also as you prep your home to list, consider what touch ups the home needs to help conceal the evidence of pets. Is there a litter box out in the open somewhere? Definitely tuck that away. What about pet hair all over sofas and chairs? Clean and de-fur your home before listing, taking photos, or showing. Then keep up with the routine cleaning so all you’ll have to do before a viewing is a quick vacuum and lint roll. 

Trick #4: Make your renovations count

While large home improvement projects have their own time and place, right before listing a home is probably not the best one. You’ll likely not see a huge return or payoff for doing a huge renovation right before selling. However, small fixes, updates and refreshers will help you sell and you’ll see that return on your investment quickly. Examine your house for loose door handles, leaky faucets, small holes from artwork and pictures in the wall, and chipping or peeling grout. Replace drapery or give it a good clean. Definitely apply a fresh coat of paint throughout to spruce up the whole place. Recaulk the tub if needed. Clean the gutters if they’re backed up. These smaller but meaningful projects will help your house sell so much faster and for more.

Trick #5 Depersonalize the home

While you love the knick-knacks and personal paraphernalia that make your home yours, buyers may not. It’s a good idea to pack up all the personal effects before listing. They’ll be ready for you at your next place! But buyers may be turned off by personal items, especially when religious or political. And it’s nice for them to feel they can picture their own belongings filling up the space.

If you're getting ready to sell this August, follow these quick steps for success and contact us for all your storage needs!