Choosing What to Keep and What to Let Go When Relocating

Published on 9/16/2022

Choosing What to Keep and What to Let Go When Relocating

Moving is frequently an emotionally taxing and bittersweet event. You are embracing change and attempting something new on one end, and packing up a period of time on the other. Many people use the opportunity to sort through their accumulated possessions and have in-depth discussions with themselves about an item's value as an excuse to move. Here are some suggestions to help you navigate the relocation process.

  1. Plan your move over several days and in phases. Consider organizing yourself throughout the three weekends before you have to pack (or even a month). Going through your belongings and choosing what to retain may be step 1, choosing what to do with maybe goods can be phase 2, and getting ready to pack can be phase 3. The process will go more smoothly if you give yourself enough time and space to reflect about what you have and what you want. That’s why you can do this at least a month before you leave. 

  1. Think about getting rid of something if you haven't used it in well over a year. You might not find it worthwhile to keep stuff in a closet year after year because it will cause clutter and storage problems. Consider the value of the product carefully. Do you value having potential storage problems more than using the piece?

  1. We've already talked about "the box of crap" you carry from apartment to apartment but never fully open. Open it up, look over it, and determine what you need from it. If not, move on.

  1. If you are aware that your new home will be smaller than the one you are leaving, you might want to think about getting rid of the furnishings that will just not fit. If you keep it, all you are doing is causing storage problems, which could be annoying. You could either give the item and buy a new, wonderful piece that will fit in its place, or you could lend the piece to a friend for a year or two.

  1. If there are things that are a family heirloom, still keep it even if it’s not your style. Perhaps you might modernize the piece while maintaining its integrity to give it a fresh feel. In your new room, enjoy a little DIY and ask your family what they think.