Best Ways to Organize Toys in Your Household

Published on 9/23/2022

Kids adore their toys and enjoy playing with them all over the home. Over the years, kid after kid, more and more toys seem to accumulate, and it never seems as if there is enough room to store it all. Many parents struggle with finding ways to organize and fit all of the toys in one space such as a playroom. 

A few simple solutions and tips would be:

Group Similar Toys and Items

This will help in saving you space and time spent looking for certain toys and accessories. Start with storing the blocks in one bin, the stuffed toys in another, and put any books and puzzles on the shelves. It may seem easier to just lump and throw everything together in one bin, but it limits your space and creates confusion and more mess. It is also a good idea to limit the number of toys per bin because young children tend to dump the bins several times a day and you’re probably hoping to keep the mess to a minimum. 

Use Ideal Storage Solutions

Opting for storage bins and shelves is an ideal way to go. Having too many containers only creates more clutter and is more likely to cause a mess. It’s also ideal to have storage bins, drawers, and baskets that are transparent or see-through so that your children can see what is in the bin. By being able to see where something is stored, they will spend less time dumping out bins just to find a particular toy.

Limit the Number of Toys in the Home

Over time, children start to outgrow or lose interest in certain toys. It is generally a good idea to consider weeding out the toys that are no longer needed or played with. Donating and purging toys can help you feel more organized and less overwhelmed. Some parents choose to “rotate” toys in and out to limit the number of toys out at a time which can also help your organizational efforts