Curate your closet: The basic system minimalist style

Published on 9/30/2022

Curate your closet: The basic system minimalist style

 In Today’s world where everyone is hustling left and right, it is hard to find time to organize the closet. I thought working from home would give me more time to curate my things but I was wrong. Watching various videos online and reading a lot about organizing helped me to find the best way to curate my closet.

 I build a system that will allow you to save hours in organizing your closet and will surely give you peace in longevity. I call it “The Basic System of Curating” 

1. Decluttering - we all love to buy organizers and this is the most exciting part of organizing. But do you know that decluttering is the most important part of the process to have your own basic system of curating? Take some time to remove all of your clothes and shoes. Remove all of the things you don't wear anymore. I prefer to keep clothes that are still useful and valuable to me by using this technique. What is your preferred color?Are you on the colorful side? Or plain colors such as black, brown, and white? Whichever you choose, make sure it's comfy and makes you happy. I suggest keeping clothes and shoes that are wearable for any occasion and easy to style. If possible, keep at least 20 clothes and 5 pairs of shoes/sandals. 

2. Buying organizers - Here is the exciting part! Once done decluttering your things, measure your closet and see what kind of organizers will fit in there and how many. You don't want to be impulsive when buying organizers as this will cause more trouble on you. Choose the right color of organizers. Make it simple as much as possible. Organizers should not be burning your eyes while looking at it instead it should make you feel at peace and relax. I suggest colors such as black, white, and nude.

 3. Tidying Up- We all have our ways of folding our clothes. Maybe it's time to explore different methods of tidying. You can do it anyway you can, but the goal is to fold your clothes as small as possible yet, still easy to identify and pull out of your closet. You can use jute strings when folding your clothes so they won't let go easily when you put them in your organizer. Instead of displaying your shoes/sandals. Put them in a dust bag and label them so it will be easier to find them when you need them. This is more peaceful to look at and you don't need to worry about it getting damaged easily.

 4. Consistency- the secret to success in everything we do is our consistency. Now that you're done building the basic system of curating, have the self-discipline to maintain what you've started. Make sure you put back the things where they belong so you don't have to curate it every now and then.

 Tips: I highly suggest you do another curating when you decide to buy another clothes and shoes. Instead of adding more to your closet, try to do the “buy and let go process”. You can buy other clothes and shoes if you're planning on letting go of some of what you already have. Minimalistic style is to keep what you use and what you need rather than what you just want to keep but not use.