Hacks to store your electronics in Self-storage

Published on 11/11/2022

Do you also throw your electronics into just boxes and drawers and say you'll organize them later? No worries, us too. We also buy new electronics when we see one and when we bring them home, we're going to toss the old ones to a box in the corner.

We got you! Here are some hacks to help you store your electronics to be in top condition until you decide to use them again.

1.Have Temperature-Controlled Units

Electronics are sturdy, but if you are storing items like big screen tv, you should consider getting a temperature-controlled storage unit. Some electronics don't do well with extreme cold and humid temperatures. It is ideal for viewing the temperature when storing these types of items.

2.Sort them out and group

Get your cords, cable, computer accessories, game consoles, etc., into one box. Group them according to the size, functionality, device, or what items go together. It makes it easier for you to find it when you need it.

Keep your wires in a bundle with ties untangled in the box. Keep your adapters or connectors with their respective cables or plugs so that you won't be finding the other half of the item when you pull it out.

3.Remove any batteries

If you plan to store your electronics for a long time, permanently remove the batteries as they will eventually die and leak out. It can cause the items to be eroded and damage any internal elements and other things stored along with the electronics. Keep the batteries stored at home.

4.Have them on shelves
It depends on the items that you have. You might want to consider placing them on shelves. If you are to store it at the bottom, it might be stacked upon by heavier boxes and end up at the bottom of the pile. It helps prevent your shelving unit from becoming cluttered.

5.Decide if you need to keep it

It is much more efficient when storing items if you ask yourself if you need to keep them. It saves you space for other items to be stored. Before storing, sort them out from the things you'll be holding, selling, recycling, or donating.

These tips can help you keep your electronics in top shape until you need them someday. Contact us today, and we'll help you decide the right storage unit size!