How To Store Your Mattress Well In Storage

Published on 9/2/2022
Many individuals are unaware of how crucial it is to preserve the quality of your mattress while it
is being stored. You need to locate the best approach to keep your mattress if you won't be
using it for a while.

Due to their extreme fragility, mattresses can be destroyed in as little as a few months if
improperly stored. Even if you decide not to discard it, incorrect storage will still result in a lumpy
and unpleasant mattress. While in storage, you must protect your mattress from damage.
Continue reading to learn how to properly preserve your mattress.

Tidy the mattress before storing it
When keeping your mattress, hygiene should be your top priority. The mattress is definitely
soiled if you used it before deciding to keep it. While being used, mattresses gather dust and
particles. If you don't clean it before putting it in storage, you'll expose it to dust mites, which will
bring allergens into your home.

Before storing your mattress, you should schedule some cleaning to keep it free of dust mites
and maintain the health of your home. Start by clearing your mattress of all bedding and
protectors. After that, vacuum every side while using a brush to get into nooks and crannies that
the vacuum can't.

Include a Mattress Protector
You can't let all of your mattress cleaning efforts go to waste by not covering it when storing it.
To shield your mattress from harm, get a mattress wrap or a plastic mattress cover.

To keep the cover from moving around, tape it down. Because dust, moisture, and other
dangers can still get to your mattress during transit, make sure you cover it before putting it in

Getting Your Mattress There
Transport is another crucial component of mattress storage. A cover should be placed over the
moving truck. Cover the mattress with whatever available fabric, including sheets and blankets.
Make sure the storage space you select has enough room for you to keep your mattress resting
flat, exactly as you placed it on the bed.

Avoid placing your mattress directly on the ground. It can be exposed to moisture and humidity
most easily in this way. Elevate it slightly above the floor to promote airflow and stop mildew
from developing.

Do not place items on top of the mattress
No matter how much room your mattress takes up, resist the urge to stack more things on top of
it. Things can press down on your mattress and wear it down.

Keep your mattress in a climate-controlled environment
You need a climate control unit if you plan to keep your mattress in storage for a long time, like a
year or more. Even for short-term storage, a climate control unit is necessary if you live in
places where humidity can fluctuate.

If you wish to use your mattress again, you don't want to risk potential health risks by allowing
mold and mildew to undermine its integrity. To maintain the ideal air temperature and control
humidity levels, you require climate control.
Before reusing a mattress, let it air out.

Don't use your mattress straight away after getting it out of storage, even if you only kept it there
for a short while. Before utilizing it, make sure to give it plenty of air. The UV rays will destroy
any allergies and refresh the fabric if you leave it in the sun for a few hours.