Storage Unit Packing Tips: How to Pack Like a Pro in Easy Steps.

Published on 8/26/2022

 You've probably been dreaming about a move to your own storage unit for years now, but now that it's here you don't know whether to laugh, cry or just run! The truth is, you're moving into a huge space and have an entire empty unit to fill...but there's no need to panic, I have tips on how to pack easily.


Find the right storage unit size.

When it comes to choosing the right size storage unit, there's more than one way to do it.

You can either measure your belongings and see how many will fit into the proposed container, or you can estimate how much stuff will fit inside. Either way, make sure there's plenty of room left over so nothing gets squashed or damaged--and remember that some things take up more room than others!


Store your personal items in smaller boxes, and your larger and heavier items in medium and large boxes.

One mistake that we often see people make is overstressing and overpacking when moving their items into storage. When thinking about what to put in a storage unit, we recommend packing like you're going on a trip to Hawaii instead of carrying everything that you own. That's because many people worry that they will need certain items while in storage, but these are almost always unnecessary stressors that take up room in your storage unit. Most people can get by with much less, so before you pack give some thought to what your essentials are.

Smaller boxes are typically best for storing clothing, shoes and other small accessories. The larger the item being packed, the larger its corresponding box should be.


Don’t over-pack your boxes! It’s tempting when you see all those extra inches of unused space beneath a cardboard flap but resist this urge at all costs — there is such a thing as too much stuff! Not only could excessively filling cause damage to what lies beneath (which may be some of your most treasured possessions), but it also increases weight and makes it harder on yourself when lifting heavy loads onto or off of trucks or vans during loading/unloading processes


Mark boxes by room/use.

Once you’ve begun your packing process, you’ll want to make sure that all of the boxes are marked by room and use. This makes it easy for movers when they arrive, as well as anyone else who may be helping with the move later on.

To label boxes that contain items for a specific room, use colored tape (or even better: masking tape) and a marker to write the name of each room on them in big letters. Be sure to include an arrow pointing toward the front of each box so that moving crews know which way is up!

If you plan on storing items separately from their original rooms (e.g., office supplies in one closet and kitchen utensils in another), label those boxes accordingly with both “Kitchen Utensils” or whatever category best fits them and “Storage Unit: Dining Room Closet #4″

Try to store full suitcases, rather than emptying them into boxes.

If you're storing a large amount of stuff, it's a good idea to use suitcases instead of moving boxes. Suitcases are more durable than cardboard boxes and can be easily moved around when they're full, making them easier to store and label. They also stack nicely on top of one another, which makes it easier for you to maximize the space in your storage facility.

Rethink your bath towels, rugs, and linens.

Bath towels, rugs, and linens can be bulky items to pack. If you have limited space in each box, consider using the right size box for your bath towels so you can fit more of them into the same amount of space. The same goes for rugs: try to keep them rolled up and place them vertically in a large box so that you can fit more than one rug into a single small cube or large container.

We hope this brief guide has helped you feel more comfortable packing like a pro. Just make sure you take your time and don't rush the process. If your storage unit is going to be secure, it's got to be packed correctly. Follow these packing tips to ensure a manageable packing experience.