Keeping Everything In The Right Place

Published on 8/19/2022
Keeping Everything In The Right Place 

Storage units and warehouses are huge businesses since people are reluctant to let go of any item. This is especially true for numerous businesses that are baffled by the requirements for record retention for various documents. Some income tax and business tax forms must be kept for seven years, while some personnel files must be kept permanently. What does a company do with all of these documents?

 If any documentation produced by a company is not covered by state or federal law, the company should have its own policy stating how long the records may be useful and when the records are due to be destroyed. Many businesses will have a space problem as a result of this, and they will be hesitant to store boxes of important documents in their basement or garage. A basement or garage is not the best place to keep these documents in any case, and it is certainly not the safest option. 

Those businesses that do not have electronic storage of their documentation will most likely need to find a location where all important papers can be kept safely and securely. Storage warehouses can be very useful to many businesses if they can guarantee against damage caused by weather, insects, rodents, or other customers. When a business requires storage space, security is the most important consideration, but ensuring that the papers are not eaten by other visitors in the building is also essential. 

Storage facilities are also useful for people who may be assigned to a temporary job for a year or more and must relocate from their home or apartment while they are gone. They do not want to sell everything they own and will instead look for a place to store it for the duration of their trip. Temperature-controlled facilities are available at higher prices than those without heat or humidity control, but they are frequently in higher demand. This is also true for the parent who has a child who requires items for six months to a year and then no longer requires them until the next child is born. 

Consider the homeowner who recently purchased a second car and has a place to store their riding lawnmower during the winter. Perhaps offering to pick up large items at home and transport them to your storage facility will attract new customers. Not everyone has a truck to transport larger items and may not be willing or able to rent one. Offering free pick-up in exchange for a storage contract for a specified number of months will encourage more people to use your services.