How to Store Furniture Inside Your Unit

Published on 7/20/2020

Storage units in Cape Charles, Virginia are perfect placeholders to keep your unused furniture until you move or cycle the pieces back into your home. In order to make sure you store the items correctly for the most space and to keep your pieces clean, follow these tips.

Dismantle Furniture

Break down bed frames, large sofas, tables, and any other large pieces of furniture. This will make them easier to transport, lift, and store. It will also create more space inside your unit! Double win.

Clean Everything

There’s nothing worse than moving items outside of storage after a long time and realizing they’re filled with double the amount of dust and filth because they weren’t cleaned to begin with. Additionally, this will prevent strange odors and the possibility of mold/mildew growing on your items. Vacuum, dust, wipe down all items prior to storing.

Wrap Furniture

The best way to make sure your pieces are protected is to wrap them up. Make sure everything is dry from cleaning and then use tarps, blankets, and old sheets to cover. Using fabric to wrap your furniture is better than using plastic because it still allows the pieces to breathe. Many times plastic will trap moisture inside and allow for mold to grow, thus ruining your pieces. 

Spatial Configuration

Depending on what items you’re storing and how often you plan on taking them out, you’ll need to tetris your pieces accordingly. For example, if you’re moving and just need a place to hold everything, it would be helpful to load smaller items first and larger items are the front of the unit. This is to help in packing the moving truck with larger items first so that you don’t have to dig through everything to find the couch. However, if you’re using storage for a long term solution to hold seasonal items, put what you’ll use most frequently at the front of the unit. It is also helpful to create smaller walkways so that you can access items towards the back of your unit without emptying everything else.

These are just some tips to make your storage unit experience in Cape Charles as smooth as possible. If you’re interested in signing up for a unit, please contact us today.