Storage Units Perfect for Home Renovations

Published on 8/3/2020

Home renovations in Cape Charles, Virginia can be stressful. Aside from ripping out the old to prepare for the new, you now have so much stuff without a place to keep it. Maybe you’ve been online shopping for new pieces and want to snatch that deal but are worried about where to store it before the renovation begins. These are reasons why storage units in Cape Charles are perfect for the home renovation process. 

Short Term Rentals

Storage units are great for short term rentals because you’re not locking yourself into a long contract. Whether your renovation in Cape Charles takes a few weeks or a couple months, we have options to fit what you need. 

Declutter the House

Home renovations create a mess. It’s not just out with the old and in with the new, you have to have a place to keep all the “old” before placing those belongings back into the “new”. Save yourself the stress of putting all the items from the room you're renovating into other areas of the house (i.e. guest bedroom, garage, etc.) and rent a storage unit in Cape Charles. This will provide peace of mind knowing that your items are secure while keeping the rest of your home clutter free from the renovation mess.

Store New Products

Flipping a room usually involves getting a lot of new products. Whether it’s a new countertop for your kitchen, a new bathroom vanity, or all of the many items to pull your living room together, you want to have space to store everything. Rent a storage unit in Cape Charles to house these products until it is time to place them in your home. This ensures that your home won’t be overtaken by the renovation and alleviates the stress of home renovation timelines that get pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Take the added pressure away and do yourself a favor by renting a storage unit to provide peace of mind during the renovation process.