The Most Important Box to Pack When Moving

Published on 8/19/2020

Moving is chaotic and a bit messy. As much as you try to organize everything, chances are the last few boxes packed will be full of miscellaneous items, kind of similar to that kitchen junk drawer. In order to ease stress, make sure to pack your emergency box with you so that you can unpack it first.

Your emergency box should be filled with the following items:

Tool Box




Light Bulbs

Hand Sanitizer / Soap

Toilet Paper

Water Bottles


Phone Chargers


Keeping these essential items all in the same space will certainly help your unpacking go smoothly. There are many other items which can be added to this box as well; this box should accommodate your family! We suggest packing this box last in your storage container so it will be the easiest to find when you go to move.

What other items would you add to your most important moving box to help the day go a little easier?