Are You Storing Hidden Treasures?

Published on 8/21/2020

Many times people utilize storage units as an extension of their homes. It’s where you place seasonal decor, hold large items, and collectibles that have been passed down from generation to generation. Did you know some of those items could be worth a good bit of money? Check it out!


Check that box of books you’ve hoarded away for years to see if you have any first editions! Even if you don’t have any first editions, any books that are signed by the author can be worth some money depending on the author and title. Take it to your local bookstore to see how much it’s worth.


Saving some toys from your childhood to pass onto your own kids? Not so fast! Some of those could be worth a decent fortune if the toy is no longer produced. Think anywhere from Furbys to Beanie Babies, and even action figures. Make sure they’re in good condition and get them checked out!


Inherit a few pieces of art from your great aunt and not sure they’re your style? Before you stash them away in your storage unit, have them appraised to see the dollar amount. It doesn’t even need to be a finished piece, a sketch can be worth just as much nowadays depending on the artist!


Diamonds are forever, and so is gold! Those family heirlooms add up to a small fortune. Take a couple of those pieces to your local jewelry store and find out just how much you’re storing away. It may be a good idea to invest in a safe to keep them inside. 

Comment below if you found out you’re storing away priceless treasures inside your storage unit!