Using Your Storage Unit For Hurricane Prep

Published on 8/31/2020

As Cheriton, VA residents we all know the dangers and stressors of hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season typically runs from June all through November; however peak months are between August and September. The moment we hear of a storm developing off the coast with a potential path headed our way, the stores are overrun and supplies are hard to come by. Storage units are great to store your hurricane supplies! 

To start your hurricane prep, each week when you go grocery shopping, stock up on a few items. This could be either canned goods, batteries, or paper products. Breaking this down by starting early will save you the large upfront costs of buying everything all at once while also easing your stress of knowing you already have items at home. 

Items to stock up on:



First Aid Kit

Canned Goods



Water Bottles


Keep these supplies handy, located at the front of your storage unit during hurricane season. It’ll be easy for you to just pop by and grab the boxes when a storm is headed in our direction!

What’s on your list of hurricane essentials?