Items Moving Companies Hate to Move

Published on 10/9/2020

While hiring a moving company to help sounds like a great way in order to mitigate the potential damages and stress, there are also items that even the professionals despise working with. 

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses gained popularity when it was as easy and convenient to pack it all into a small box and order it by the click of a button. Moving companies don’t love working with these because they can be flimsy and even heavier than normal mattresses.

Sofa Beds

Couches in general can be difficult to move because of their size and their intimidating weight. Depending on the material of the sofa, these furniture items can easily weigh 300 pounds! When you add a pullout mattress into the mix, this adds on more weight by as much as 60-75 pounds sometimes.

Overpacked boxes

While it may seem fitting to judge the weight of a box off of it’s size, it is extremely important to not overpack. Consider splitting your dishes and glassware amongst several boxes even though it may be possible to fit it all together. Your movers will thank you later.

Packed dressers

It may seem like a good idea to keep all your clothes inside the drawers, but it’s probably a better idea to unpack them. Leaving clothes within the dresser drawers not only significantly increases the weight of the item, but it also increases the chances of the drawers breaking under the impact of the shifting clothes or bumps in the road while transporting. A great compromise to this is to leave the clothes inside of the dresser drawers and then simply remove the drawers for transporting.