How Much Can I Fit?

Published on 10/18/2020

Not sure what size storage unit you’ll need to fit all of your items? We’ve got you covered! Here at Cheriton Mini Storage we have several different sizes in order to accommodate all of your needs. To get a better understanding of which storage unit to choose, read on to learn more about what fits in certain sizes.


A 10x10 storage unit is one which can hold a variety of items. Depending on the size of each furniture piece, you can roughly fit items from a living room as well as a bedroom into this one unit. In order to allow for more space, consider standing mattresses or sofas up against the wall.


The 10x15 is our most popular unit. You will be able to fit multiple pieces of furniture within the space, such as bed frames, mattresses, sofas, bookshelves, etc. Averaging a slightly smaller size than a one car garage, this unit size is also great for storing a motorcycle or other smaller motorized vehicles.  


This unit is the standard storage container size you may see at construction sites. While it can fit as much as the first two mentioned above, it is also great for storing building materials. If you are renovating your house, consider renting one of these to keep all your materials in one spot. It can fit those extra long pieces of wood and is a great place to store other building materials to still give you space to walk around inside the unit. 

Ultimately, if you’re concerned about making sure all of your belongings fit, we recommend going up in size. Not only will this definitely help with more space, but it will also give you more room to freely move about the unit when organizing your items or pulling things out from storage. 

Still unsure of what size to rent? Give us a call at (757) 710-1079 and we’d be happy to help!