Bike Storage Tips

Published on 3/6/2022

Bike Storage Tips

If you’re looking for help figuring out the best way to store your bike(s), look no further! We’ve got you covered. These can be tricky as they are bulky and oddly shaped. But here are a few great ideas for how to store your bike. 

1. Think vertical

One great tip is to think vertical in your house or apartment. We often have a lot of unused potential storage space via our walls and ceiling. Going upwards is an effective way to get the bike off the ground. This is a great option if you’re short on space, don’t have a garage or don’t have bike storage in your apartment building. Mount the bike on a wall mount or hang with a pulley system from a hook in the ceiling. 

You can also implement this vertical solution in your garage or on a porch. Hang a pulley system from the garage rafters or the ceiling of your porch to get the bike up and out of the way. This tactic is awesome in the colder months when you’re not using your bike as frequently. 

2. Floor storage

You can easily use a floor bike rack as well! This option is great for families and households with kids who are using the bikes frequently. This could go in your garage for easy access. But it helps keep the bikes upright so they’re not falling over in a heap taking up tons of space. 

You can also use a horizontal floor stand which elevates the bike(s) up off the floor but isn’t actually attached to the wall. This is great if you want the bike out of the way in your home or apartment but don’t want to install any hardware in the wall or ceiling. 

Another interesting option is to use a floor to ceiling column. This also doesn’t utilize hardware installed into the wall or ceiling but instead uses the pressure of the column wedged between the floor and ceiling to stay stable (think of a spring loaded shower curtain rod). 

Choose which bike storage option would work best for your living area and space. Then create a designated spot for that bike to stay organized.