Jump Start Your Spring Maintenance Tasks

Published on 3/11/2022

Jump Start Your Spring Maintenance Tasks

As we prepare for Daylight Savings Time this Sunday, we are getting ready to welcome Spring. We all need the newness and warmth of Spring this year. Now is a good time to start thinking about what maintenance tasks you need to tackle this Spring. Here is a non-exhaustive list to get you started.

1. Clean the gutters

Clean out your gutters soon after it starts warming. Once the snow and heavy sleet is done for the year, it’s smart to clean out the gunk that’s built up over the winter. This will free up the gutters so that they can work properly and siphon water off your roof during the springtime rains.  

2. Check filters and vents

Check filters and vents for your home’s heating system, overhead fans in the bathroom, and vents for the refrigerator and your home’s dryer if applicable. Replace filters where necessary and clean others that need a good wash to clear away dust. These tasks keep air moving as well as helps to prevent fires.


3. Inspect HVAC systems

Check on air filters in your A/C unit and clean the dust build up that’s accumulated over the months. Wash the filters and prep your unit for the warm summer months coming up. Get a professional out to inspect the HVAC system to ensure everything is working properly and there are no hazardous operating conditions. 

4. Spruce up the yard

Clear out debris from the winter storms in your yard. Remove tree limbs or large sticks, rake up fallen leaves, trim back any shrubs or hedges you didn’t get to in the fall and trim back any tree branches that are encroaching close to your home or telephone wires. Remember spring can bring with it a lot of rain and storms as well, so staying on top of trimming hazardous tree limbs will help prevent bigger disasters. Inspect your mower and any other lawn maintenance tools to ensure they’re in good working order ahead of mowing season.

5. Deep clean

The last step on our list will help freshen your whole home and usher in this season of new beginnings. Deep clean your home top to bottom. Dust baseboards and overhead fan blades. Clear cobwebs from high in ceiling corners. Dust, wipe, sweep, and mop all surfaces and floors until they shine. Steam clean and vacuum carpets and take smaller area rugs outside to get rid of extra dust and mustiness. 

Use this guide to jump start your spring maintenance tasks!