Checklist for Moving in the Winter

Published on 12/10/2021

Checklist for Moving in the Winter

Although you might be shivering more this time of year, it’s not necessarily a bad time to move. There are some definite perks to choosing to move this time of year. It’s slow season for moving companies and other essential moving services. So you’ll get better deals and are more likely to get the moving date you want. We’ve complied a helpful checklist to go over some of the key essentials you’ll want to remember when tackling a winter move

1. Prepare the new home

If you are moving locally, you can do this step yourself. If not, ask your realtor or property manager to check on the new home for you. Essentially, you want to ensure all utilities are turned on prior to you arriving. You want heat, electricity, hot water and even internet (if possible) to be up and running when you and your cold hands and feet get there. 

You’ll also want to be proactive about clearing snow. If it’s supposed to snow close to your move date, clear the snow or delegate someone to do it prior to your arrival with the moving truck. 

And one more step to prep your new home: protect the floors. Because this time of year brings snow, ice, sand and salt into our homes via our feet, lay protective barriers down to minimize damage to your floors. Place mats in all entryways. Cover hardwood floors with plastic tarp and cover any carpeted area with cardboard slabs tacked down.

2. Pack an overnight bag with essentials

This is a good idea no matter what time of year you move. However, it’s especially pertinent in the winter. Pack the necessary snacks, toiletries, electronics and clothes for the first couple days. But make sure to include winter weather gear too to protect against the cold. It’ll be difficult to find everything right away so have toothbrushes, coffee, phone chargers and your hat and gloves close by.

On this note, it’s not a bad idea to have a shovel or two handy at the top of your packed items. Keep the car scrapers nearby as well. And if you have a space heater, get that out in case all the drafts from open doors make the home super chilly at first.

3. Monitor the weather

Keep an eye out on the weather leading up to your move. Set a phone reminder if needed a week out. Then continue to monitor each day for any changes and updates. If you’re moving locally, it’s not as huge an issue. But it can still impact your move no matter how small the amount of snow or ice on roads. And if you’re doing an out of state or long distance move, definitely discuss with your moving company or moving crew what to expect if inclement weather rolls in. Create a back up plan just in case the move gets delayed a bit due to weather. 

Prepare for your winter move this year with our simple checklist. Let us know how we can help store your belongings during or after your move as well. å