How to Keep Your Pet in Mind when Buying a Home

Published on 12/17/2021

How to Keep Your Pet in Mind when Buying a Home

We love our furry friends more than almost anything and want what’s best for them always. One aspect of this includes the home we live in. And when looking for a new home, it’s wise to ask ourselves questions to ensure we find a great next home for us as well as our sweet pets. 

1. Is there enough space?

When looking to move and buy a new place, it’s the right thing to consider our pets. We love them and have chosen to take on the responsibility of caring for them and their needs as well as our own. One of the biggest factors when it comes to a new place should be the space. If you have an outdoor pet, is there ample yard space for your dog or other fur ball to run and play? Or if the yard is smaller, are there parks and dog parks nearby? You want to make sure your pet can get outdoors if they need to and that it’s convenient enough for you to facilitate taking them on walks if not. 

Beyond a yard for a pet, what about space indoors? Is there adequate square footage and space for your dog or cat to roam and play and not go stir crazy when you’re away at work or other outings? If you have a multi-pet household, you have to consider how much space each animal will need to be happy and healthy. Is there room for a large cat tree or a cat patio out a window? Are there enough cozy spots for your pal to curl up in and snooze?

2. What about safety?

If you do have a yard and an animal that will go out and play, is the yard fenced? How will you keep your dog securely there so he or she can play off leash? Will you need to install fencing or a gate or both? And if you have indoor/outdoor cats, how safe is the neighborhood and street for them to roam? You’ll also want to check that screens in windows are all in good condition ahead of the warmer months. 

3. How easy will clean up be? 

You’ll also want to consider the clean up situation as you look at potential homes. A lot of pet owners prefer mostly hardwood floors as this makes cleaning up messes easier. Carpet is cozy but cleaning up after your pet gets sick or play in mud can become quite the chore. 

If you have an outdoor animal that needs frequent bathing, is the home set up for that? Is there a mudroom or laundry room with a sink? Or is there a downstairs bathroom that’s convenient for a pet cleanup station? 

Keep these 3 questions in mind as you begin searching for a home that’s purrfect for you and your pets.