Choosing a Home For Your Work Needs

Published on 9/24/2021

Choosing a Home For Your Work Needs

Many of us are preparing to go back to work in person if we’re not already there. And some of us are doing a hybrid combination of remote and in person work. With this last year and a half and the pandemic, working from home has become more the norm for a lot of us. And it seems that remote work is here to stay for many. A lot of companies are staying remote or doing a hybrid system. This could mean you find yourself strapped for home office space. Perhaps you’ve been making do with a multipurpose office/play room/guest room/workout room. Or maybe you find yourself still working at the dining room table but would like a more dedicated office of your own. It’s a great time to make a move and find a new home this fall. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for a home for your life and work needs.

Options if you are completely remote

If your job is keeping you 100% remote, this frees you up big time as far as purchasing your next (or first) home. Without being tied to a particular city and office building, you could move to a more affordable part of the country. Perhaps you want to be closer to family. Or maybe you’ve wanted to get closer to the beach or the mountains. Maybe you like the city you’re in but would rather be farther out in the suburbs or countryside. Whatever you decide, you definitely have more freedom to cut down on costs and find somewhere affordable for your budget. This will free up finances to purchase a home with a dedicated home office. Perhaps you’ll have extra cash for new office furnishings or that family vacation you’ve desperately needed.

Options if you are hybrid

If you find yourself in a hybrid work situation where you are needed at a physical office only part time during the week, you have some more freedom as well. Perhaps with the commute only being a couple days a week now, you’d be willing to have a longer one. Maybe you want to move to a different area, out to the suburbs or deeper into the countryside. Now might be the perfect time if your drive to work is only occasional. Again, you can make sure to find a home with a room or nook for your home office.

Whether your home office is needed full time or part time, it’s an important part of your house and lifestyle. Choosing a home with adequate space for this office is crucial to your work-life balance and your focus and productivity while at work. Keep these options in mind when searching for your new home this fall.