Don’t Fear This Halloween: Here are 5 Tips for Storing Fragile Items Safely

Published on 10/29/2021

Don’t Fear This Halloween: Here are 5 Tips for Storing Fragile Items Safely

This Halloween doesn’t have to be frightful if you’re moving! Yes, it’s a chaotic and stressful time of life. But it’s also so rewarding to get into a new space successfully. The last thing you want is for those special glass, crystal and antique items to break on you. So you want to ensure you pack your fragile items carefully so they’re protected. Here are 5 tips to make sure you prevent any accidents when it comes to your fragile belongings. 

1. Fine china and dishes

Make sure you protect your grandmother’s china while moving. And this also applies to your nicer dishware in general. Use bubble wrap around each individual piece. Insert cardboard dividers between plates and stand them up vertically to prevent too much weight on each one. Also make sure you pack dishes in smaller boxes so they don’t get too heavy to carry. You don’t want to break the dishes or your back. 

2. Glassware

Wrap glassware individually in bubble wrap or blank packing paper. Place the heavier items in the bottom of your boxes. Fill in any extra space with crumpled paper or more bubble wrap, including inside the glasses themselves. Then pack smaller glasses on top of the boxes. Again, best to use smaller boxes so you don’t risk dropping them if they get too heavy.

2. Important pictures and frames

Wrap each picture frame individually with bubble wrap or packing paper (not newspapers as the ink can sometimes come off on glass, especially if it’s hot in a moving truck or storage unit. Place paper in-between so none of the frames move around or bump into each other.

3. Lamps and shades

You’ll want to separate the base of the lamp from the shade. Place in a large enough box or pack separately. Wrap the shades in packing paper (not newspaper so they don’t get words imprinted on them). Fill empty space with more paper so the lamps don’t rattle around or break 

4. TVs

It’s a plus if you’ve saved the box your TV originally came in. But if not, first find a box the right shape to hold your TV but not be too much larger. You’ll want to wrap your TV in a blanket to prevent scratches or rattling around which could break the screen. Place the wrapped TV into the box and seal well with tape. 

5. Specialty items

For oddly shaped, fragile items, the best advice is don’t skimp on the bubble wrap and tape. Wrap the piece (including handles or any other protruding portions) with bubble wrap and secure the bubble wrap with tape. Then, if it will fit in a box, place it in there and surround with bubble wrap or packing paper. If the shape is too odd or large to fit in a box, you can fit cardboard pieces around the bubble wrapped item. Secure the cardboard pieces with ample tape to hold securely. You can even wrap pieces like this with a blanket or sheet for extra padding. 

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