Why Now is Still a Great Time to Sell in Virginia

Published on 11/5/2021

Why Now is Still a Great Time to Sell in Virginia

Even as we’re moving more into the cold, winter months and holiday season, it’s still a great time to sell! If you’re considering putting your home in Virginia on the market soon, it’s definitely a good time. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. Housing inventory is still on the lower side.

This fact is a benefit to you as a seller. It means that there aren’t an abundance of homes for sale on the market. But the number of buyers hasn’t decreased. We’re still in a seller’s market. This means there will be great, healthy competition for your home, as buyers need to find homes. 

2. Your home most likely won’t take long to sell.

Because there’s not an overabundance of homes for sale on the market, your home will garner a lot of interest right away. Most likely, buyers will be competing for the chance to buy your house. And this means buyers are very motivated to come to showings and put offers in quickly. 

3. Your home could sell for above asking price.

Because there will most likely be fierce competition from buyers for your home, your home could sell for above asking price. While this depends on how competitively your home is priced in relation to other nearby homes, there’s a good chance there will either be bidding war or buyers will put in offers at or above asking!

4. You have greater leverage.

Because interest rates are slowly starting to rise again this fall and there’s still less homes for sale then there are buyers, you have incredible leverage. Not only could you sell for a great price and sell quickly, you also have greater negotiating power to leverage while ironing out the details of sale. You could negotiate for a preferred closing date or other contingencies. 

Overall, this late fall into early winter is still a great time to sell your home and get top dollar for it. Let us know if you have any storage needs that arise during a sale or move. We’ve got you covered!