How to Fortify Your Home (and insurance) against Natural Disasters

Published on 9/10/2021

How to Fortify Your Home (and insurance) against Natural Disasters

We’re right in the middle of hurricane season, and we’ve already seen storms move up the coast this year. Is your home fortified to protect against these and other natural disasters? While we can do our best to protect our homes, it’s also important to invest in homeowner’s insurance for those unfortunate times when the weather may inflict unavoidable damage. Here are some ways to be prepared for the inclement weather and all its dangers.

Stay up to date

While no forecaster ever gets it completely right, staying up to date with current weather and predictions will help you be prepared. September is peak hurricane season so be on the look out for storms forming off the coasts and coming your way. Staying informed will help you make better decisions regarding your house and when to shore it up or when to evacuate if necessary during hurricanes and later during winter storms. 

Obtain the proper homeowner’s insurance

Many of us don’t fully understand homeowner’s insurance these days. What does it really cover? How much coverage do I actually need? These are the important questions to ask yourself as you look into what your coverage provides. For example, a lot of us might assume that our home insurance policy would cover flooding. However, this is usually not the case. Typically, flood insurance is separate and yet flooding is a prevalent cause of damage. So look into if you’re in a flood zone or even if not, the statistics on flooding in your area. This way you can make an informed decision to add in flood insurance if need be. 

You’ll want to read your policy closely to see if your home is covered from “total loss” or “actual total loss” as well. These terms refer to the home being completely destroyed as opposed to only damage incurred.  

Take a look at what your policy covers in regards to wind and fire damage as well. Most policies will cover these damages; however, some include higher deductibles if the area you live is in especially prone to hurricane-level winds or wildfires. 

The bottom line here is to carefully examine your policy to ensure you’re covered. And then take steps to add in additional coverage for the areas you’re worried about or that aren’t covered at all yet. 

No need to live in constant fear or worry as a homeowner. Just being prepared offers you a greater sense of security and peace of mind.