How to Safely Store Household Goods in the Summer

Published on 7/30/2021

How to Safely Store Household Goods in the Summer

We’re still in the middle of summer and that means heat! If you’re looking to store some belongings in the next couple of months, consider the warm weather when deciding how and what to store. Use this quick guide to help you store safely during the summer months. 

Go with climate control

If at all possible, you want to go with a climate-controlled unit. This ensures that your belongings are staying relatively cool. It also helps cut down on the possibility of mold, mildew or bugs settling into your belongings. 

Make a layout of the unit

Because storage units can get very hot in the summer months, create a quick inventory of what all is in your unit and where items are located. This will help you get in and out much quicker so you’re not spending tons of time sweating while looking for a particular item. 

Take into account items sensitive to the heat

Even if climate control is an option for you, there are still ways to protect your valuable items that may be sensitive to the heat.
  1. photos: these don’t fare well with the high humidity of summer. It causes the photos to stick together and even break down. Use sheets of acid-free paper in-between to help preserve your beautiful memories. 
  2. electronics: T.V.s, computers and other electronics won’t hold up in the summer heat as well unless in a climate controlled unit. It’s also a good idea to pack them in the original boxes (when available). Or at least keep all the parts together and labeled specifically. This will help you find things easier later on and also help you reassemble those intricate systems. 
  3. wooden furniture: take furniture apart first. Individually wrap legs and each part of the piece. Place furniture up off the floor to prevent damage from stacking. And don’t leave any kind of food in your storage unit as this attracts bugs that could damage your furniture. 
  4. leather: you’ll want to clean and condition your leather before placing it into storage as even a slight stain can sink in and get worse over time. Then wrap leather in cotton blankets and place something like charcoal or even cat litter nearby. These help absorb moisture that otherwise the leather would absorb. 

Use this quick guide to help you get started storing your belongings this summer.  And let us know how we at Cheriton Storage can help with your storage needs!