Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Moving

Published on 2/4/2022

Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Moving

Are you thinking of changing things up in your life in 2022? These last two years living through a global pandemic have been anything but easy. And you might be searching for a way to spark new energy or settle down to a quieter location or move closer to a job or to family. There are many valid reasons for considering a move. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide if it’s the right time. 

1. What am I missing from my current home or location? 

A good place to start is to think about what you feel your current home is missing. Is it small and cramped? Do you now work remotely and need more space for a designated office area? Has your family expanded with the addition of children or an aging parent or relative? Are you missing the country and open spaces? Or, on the other hand, are you missing the city and being close to dining and entertainment options? Have you lived far from family for a while and miss being driving distance to them? All of these questions will help you narrow down what you may feel is missing from your current home base. 

2. What could I gain by moving? 

This question is the logical next step to help you decide if a move is right for you. What could you gain by moving? Would you gain more comfort or room to spread out? Would you gain more access to the outdoors by moving to a suburb or the country? Or would you gain more community by moving to a city near friends or somewhere close by family? Ultimately, are you looking for more excitement, more stability, or more peace and quiet? These questions will help you focus in on the emotional gains of a move as well as the material gains. 

3. What are my financial goals? 

Ask yourself what your overall financial goals are over the next few years and then even further into the future. For example, if you currently rent but a goal of yours is more financial freedom and equity, then perhaps it’s a good time to start considering buying. Or perhaps you are an empty nester and want to downsize to save on mortgage payments that could instead help you build up your retirement funds. Think through your larger financial goals first and then create your budget for your next home from there. How much mortgage can you afford to help you reach your other financial goals? Create a solid budget before moving forward with a move. 

4. What are my priorities? 

The last step we have for you is to prioritize. No home will have every little detail we want. So, it becomes more about weighing the pros and cons of different homes or different neighborhoods. Perhaps you want to be close to restaurants and shops and you also want a large yard. If it comes down to it, which is your priority? Or maybe you’d like to be closer to family, but this might mean downsizing a bit. Which would you compromise on? Knowing your priorities will help you stay on track as well as stay within budget. 

If you’re considering moving, take some time to evaluate these questions and consider your options, needs, priorities and budget.