Tips for Storing Appliances

Published on 2/11/2022

Tips to Storing Appliances

Is it time for a kitchen overhaul? Are you running out of cabinet space and storage? Is your solution for storage issues to pile more on top and stuff more inside already overflowing cabinets? You are certainly not alone. But also, you’re not stuck there. Appliances tend to take up much of our counter and cabinet space in the kitchen. So, let’s take a look at some helpful tips to reevaluate your kitchen appliance situation. 

1. Determine what you use and what you don’t

First step, evaluate what you use and what you avoid like the plague. You might be surprised what appliances are collecting dust that you could purge, freeing up valuable cabinet space. Take all your appliances out and group them by use: frequently used, occasionally used, and never used. This will show you what you are actually working with. 

2. Donate the never pile

Put all the “never used” appliances in a donate box. If you’re really hesitating on, let’s say, the waffle iron or juicer as you used it that once, here’s a good tip. Keep it for now, out and visible, but put a timeline on the trial run. If at the end of a month or so you haven’t used it, go ahead and let it go. If you do find yourself using it frequently, maybe you just needed it in your line of sight to remind you that you enjoy using it. The goal here is to limit the overall number of those bulky appliances. Try not to hang on to too many “well I may use it one day” items. And limit the number of one-use appliances you keep as well. It’s better if there are multi uses for each, unless of course it’s something you frequently use. 

3. Reorganize your cabinets

Now it’s time to put everything back! Let’s talk about smart placement. Put lower frequency items up high and invest in a step stool if needed in your kitchen. Nest items whenever possible. Wrap cords around appliances to cut back on bulk and clutter. And remember to store the appliances you use regularly out on the counter or front and center in cabinets for easy use. 

Use this simple guide to help you pare down your kitchen appliances and better organize the storage in your kitchen.