Renting Summer Storage Is a Good Move

Published on 5/19/2021

If you don’t already have a storage unit with us at Cheriton, summer is a good time to go ahead and invest in one. Here are three reasons why.

1. Store and preserve winter clothes 

Stashing winter clothes is a good idea to free up space during the summer. However, just throwing clothes in boxes in a hot garage or damp basement can result in musty or even ruined clothes. Store them safely in a storage unit until you’re ready to use them again next winter. This will keep clothes fresh!

2. Stash winter sports gear

This is a great way to free up space in your home or garage for summer outdoor equipment. If you have bulky ski gear, sleds or other hefty winter items, stow them safely and out of sight in your storage unit. Make room for the basketball hoop, soccer nets or roller blades. 

3. Keep valuables safe

If you’ll be gone a while on vacation this summer, consider packing up valuables and mementos to stow away in storage while you’re gone for extra safety. Never hurts to be careful, especially if you’ll be gone a while. 

Whatever of these reasons resonates with you, having a summer storage unit is a smart idea! Contact us today to secure your storage unit.