Want Your Porch or Patio to Wow This Summer? Some Easy Tips to Follow.

Published on 5/27/2021

Summer is officially here. Well, not officially until June 20th. But the weather has warmed and people are ready to get outdoors. Are you ready to spend lots of quality time outdoors this summer with family and friends? Invest a little care and creativity into your porch or patio this season to make it dazzle!

Tip #1: Create a Functional Space

There’s no doubt you want your outdoor décor to be pretty, chic, and overall aesthetically appealing. However, don’t sacrifice functionality for looks. Think comfort and usability overall. That dining room table and chair set? Gorgeous. But how comfy are those seats? Will you want to eat dinner most of your summer dinners sitting in those chairs? 

Invest in furniture pieces that are dual-function as well. Storage bins with the kids’ outdoor toys stashed away can also serve as benches with some nice pillows thrown on top. Create partitions or shade with large potted plants or hanging curtains. 

Tip #2: Splurge on lighting

There’s something magical about outdoor lights. You don’t have to splurge on your budget necessarily for this tip though (although you certainly can). But be generous in the amount of lights, even if not in price. String hanging lights for ambient tones. Consider an outdoor chandelier over a dining space for a little extra light to see by. Throw in hanging lanterns or scones on the walls. And don’t forget lots of candles as a final touch. All these lights will help set the tone of relaxation.

Tip #3: Don’t skimp on plants

What better way to meld a patio or porch space into the outdoors than to fill it with plants? This ushers in the outdoors, creating a seamless outdoor living space. It will freshen the vibe, bring color and help everyone feel they can unwind. 

As you enjoy your outdoor space, don't forget to stow seasonal winter items away in a storage unit to save on space. Contact us today for a quote!