Tips for Moving During the Summer Season

Published on 6/3/2021

Summer in Virginia can be a great season to spend time on the beach, go to barbeques, or visit with friends and family. It also happens to be peak moving season! But don’t worry. If you need to schedule a move this summer, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to keep you sane, safe, and organized during your summer move


1. Sort and Label: Keep everything kitchen related together. Pack all the kids toys in the same boxes. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re exhausted night one in a new place and trying to find towels to take a shower or the coffee pot for the next day, it will matter. Then label each box as specifically as possible. Instead of “bathroom,” label the box, “bathroom towels.”

2. Leave out a box for essentials: As you’re packing the couple days before a move, leave out a box or two for those must haves. Add items you’ll need during or immediately after a move such as scissors, knives, paper products like toilet paper, plates and cutlery. Keep snacks and water handy all throughout packing and moving days. Staying hydrated and energized will help everyone in your family be less cranky and overwhelmed!


1. Leave packing for moving day: Get all the packing done before day of. This will save you time and essential energy you will need for the moving and lifting itself. Remember, if you keep your essentials out and plan smartly, you’ll be ok for a few days without other items until you can unpack them.

2. Underestimate the weather: Plan for weather such as heat or even rain. Think about items that won’t hold up in the heat such as candles, vinyl records, laptops and electronics, or plants. Plan to move these items last or in a car so they don’t sit in the moving truck for hours heating up. For rain, use garbage bags as protective covering over clothes, blankets or other items that you don’t want to get wet. Pack rare and prized possessions (or important documents) in plastic totes to safeguard them. And shrink-wrap furniture if it’s really raining to protect it from getting wet and ruined. 

Start with these Do’s and Don’ts for your moving day plan. Let us know if you need help with a storage unit!