Tips for a Great Home Office Space

Published on 5/5/2021
Even if you don’t have a designated office that’s a separate room and you’re working in the dining room, living room or nook under the stairs, you can make it work. Here are a couple tips to help you improve your work from home space in Virginia.

1. Declutter

Clutter is distracting as well as stressful when it’s in a space you’re trying to get work done. So step one: clean up. Donate items you rarely use to free up space. And take boxes of kids’ toys to your storage unit. You can then rotate the toys every month or so instead of having them all out. Organize bookshelves and kitchen cabinets to keep things tidy. 

2. Make it an intentional space

Even if it’s the kitchen table, it will help you if you create a space that is intentional. It might even help your productivity to come to a space every morning that feels clean and like your area. You’ll want to invest in essential items like a good chair, adequate lighting and the necessary tech for your work. You don’t want to constantly fumble with wires or searching for your charger or mouse when you need to hop on a call. 

Another way to make it intentional is to create ambiance. Light a candle. Put a couple pictures of your family on the table or desk next to you. Opt for a lamp instead of harsh overhead lighting. Play soft music in the room instead of strait into earbuds. Use your favorite coffee mug. All these little touches will help you to “arrive” and get to work. 

3. Check your surroundings

If you are on video calls frequently, check out the background your colleagues are looking at. Perhaps move the pile of laundry or set up in front of a nice piece of art. Make sure the lighting isn’t too dim or too bright on your face. All this will help you present your best and most professional self even if you’re wearing pj bottoms or the kids are arguing in the next room. 

And perhaps think about what wall or scene you are looking at all day. If you’re looking at a wall, consider an inspiration board or art pieces you enjoy that will keep you inspired and relaxed. 

Make your workspace your own! And give us a call if you need storage for those extra items cluttering the home.